Faculty of Political ScienceDepartment of Political Science and Public Administration (French)

Department of Political Science and Public Administration (French)

Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the website of the Department of Public Administration. 

Our departmentis one of the two founding departments of the Marmara University's Faculty of Political Sciences, which was established at the beginning of 2012.  

Here, you will find detailed information on undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that our department offers.  In addition, we provide information on academic studies at the faculty, as well as education and career opportunities for students.

Our department, which was reorganized under a special agreement in 1988, is the first example of cooperation between universities in Turkey and France.  We provide interdisciplinary education in accordance with the French model of Institutes of Political Studies.  The main goal of our studies is to publish and share information. Students are trained to apply knowledge and skills for problems that surface in public administration.  We aim to serve as a forum that is open to different ideas and approaches, a forum where we discuss social problems and work out solutions.

Our students find an opportunity to study in an international environment in the framework of the Erasmus program and other bilateral exchange programs.  Our graduates have assumed important roles in various areas of the public sector and private sector.

The strength of our academic staff and students comes from our superiority in thinking, using a wide variety of methodological approaches, and promoting social equality. 

I cordially invite you to learn more about our department. 

I wish you success in your studies.


Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Gençkaya

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