Our department has sent a significant number of students abroad and accepted similarly a significant number of students from abroad during the last 10 years. As it is understood from the increasing number of applications   and students, the development of this project, which has made important contributions to achieve the goals regarding cultural exchange and convergence is expected to continue in the coming years. Currently, agreements and quotas in the universities within the framework of the Erasmus project are as follows:   

  Université Panthéon - Sorbonne Paris 1 

UPEC - Université Paris-Est Créteil 

                                     UPEC - IUT de Créteil-Vitry

                                     UPEC - AEI Faculté d'Administration et Echanges Internationaux

Université Libre de Bruxelles

  IEP  de Grenoble 

IEP de Lille

 Université de Lille 1 Faculté des Sciences et Technologies

  IEP d’Aix en Provence 

 Université de Strasbourg

 Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines

  IEP de Lyon 

  Université de Nice 

  Université de Rennes 1 

  Université de Haute Alsace Mulhouse 


Note: Quotas are determined on a semester basis. For example, if there is a four-term contingency agreement (mutual),  this means that 4 students can benefit from the programme for a semester or two students can benefit  from the programme for 2 semesters.

In coming years, our most important objective is to increase the number of outgoing students within the framework of Erasmus. Adhering strongly to its principles within the framework of Erasmus program, our   department has paid speacial attention to make agreements with departments with our fields of study in institutions  having  education   in  French. For this reason, the Erasmus exchange program is not only a cultural exchange program for students of our department. Gradually, this programme has started to become a part of the education in our department, because students can continue their education without any problems of discipline  together with improving their education language at a considerable degree. Dissemination of this opportunity is very important for the students of our department. 

Click here for more information about Erasmus programs, bilateral agreements and forms for the students.

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