Faculty of Political ScienceDepartment of Political Science and Public Administration (French)

Department of Political Science and Public Administration (French)

Academic Staff


Professor Bülent BALİ

Head of Department

Chair of Public Policies sub-department

Areas of Interest: Intergovernmental fiscal relations, Decentralization, Corruption, Rule based economic policies, poverty, global governance

E-mail: bulentbaligmail.com


Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Gençkaya

Chair of Law sub-department

Areas of Interest: Constitutional Developments, Political Parties, Politics Funding, Political Ethics and Anti-Corruption

E-mail: faruk.genckayamarmara.edu.tr


Prof. Dr. Deniz VARDAR

Chair of Political and Social Sciences sub-department

Areas of Interest: Introduction to Politics, Political Sociology, European Union, the Radical Right

E-mail: denizvardarsuperonline.comExtensio


Prof. Dr. Ayşegül YARAMAN

Chair of Urbanization and Environmental Problems

Areas of Interest: Political Sociology, Social Psychology, Women's Studies

E-mail: ayaramanhotmail.com

Associate Prof. Dr. Aslı EGE

Areas of Interest: Comparative Political Systems, geopolitics, Turkey-US Relations

E-mail: asli.egemarmara.edu.tr


Associate Prof. Dr. Ali ARI

Areas of Interest: Financial Crisis, Turkish Economy, Financial Macroeconomics

E-mail: ali.arimarmara.edu.tr

Assist. Prof. Dr. Şadi OZANSU

Chair of Management sub-department

Areas   of Interest: Leftist Thought History of Economic Theory

E-mail: sadiozansuyahoo.fr


Associate Prof. Dr. Ayşe Sıla ÇEHRELİ

Areas of Interest: Shoah, Holocaust History, European History

E-mail: silacehreliyahoo.com


Assist. Prof. Dr. Fethi Ufuk ÖZIŞIK

Areas of Interest: Public policies and change, public administration, europeanisation, development policies, governance, public administration reform, la decentralization, regionalisation, urbanization and environment, turkish political life

E-mail: ufuk.ozisikmarmara.edu.tr

Assist. Prof. Dr. İhsan Oğuz BAKKALBAŞI

Socrates-Erasmus Exchange Program Officer

Areas of Interest: Management Science, Human Resources

E-mail: iobakkalbasimarmara.edu.tr


Assist. Prof. Dr. Merve ÖZDEMİRKIRAN

Areas of Interest: Transnational actors, State building process, Economy-identity relations, Non-state actors in foreign policy, Turkish Foreign Policy, International Political Economy

E-mail: merve.ozdemirkiranmarmara.edu.tr


Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazan Cömert BAECHLER

Areas of Interest: Sustainable Development Policies, Vulnerability Analysis, Crisis Management, Disadvantaged Groups and Public Integration Policies, Risk Communication, Disaster Management

E-mail: nazan.baechlermarmara.edu.tr

Öğr. Gör. Murat DAOUDOV

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Research Assist. Alihan GÖK

Areas of Interest: Contemporary political philosophy, history of political thought, theories of justice

E-mail: alihan.gokmarmara.edu.tr

Research Assist. Hakan GÜNDOĞDU

Areas of Interest: Administration, Information technologies, governance, public management, e-State, e-democracy, e-participation, Public Policy

E-mail: hakan.gundogdumarmara.edu.tr

Research Assist. Mehmet Mazhar YILDIZ 

Areas of Interest: Political participation, political behaviour, youth

E-mail: mehmet.mazharmarmara.edu.tr


Research Assist. Pınar Dikmen

Areas of Interest: Constitutional Law, Constitutional Judgement, Human Rights

E-mail: pinar.dikmenmarmara.edu.tr

Instructor Andrès Vicens NADAL

Areas of Interests: XVIIth century philosophy and literature in Spanish

E- mail: a.vicensyahoo.e


Öğr. Gör. Murat DAOUDOV

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